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Reassign your number to any ON-NET Cisco Phone
Last Updated 7 years ago

This form will guide you through the process of relocating your Innovative Networks Number to any other location on the network.

You need to remember following:

  • 1.
    Your phone number: ________________
  • 2.
    Your phone password:
Let’s get started.

From any location where Innovative Networks services are available.
  • 1.
    Locate a Cisco Phone
  • 2.
    Cisco phone shows Unassigned
  • 3.
    Lift up a handset
  • 4.
    Dial 588
  • 5.
    Enter your full phone number EX(1231234567) or if you have a number with extension than enter your main line followed by asterisk and followed by extension EX (1231234567*1234)
  • 6.
    The system will prompt you for the password (Default Password is 1425)
  • 7.
    The system will let you know that your phone is now assigned
  • 8.
    Hang-up the handset
You are now connected

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