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How do I import my contacts to my web portal?
Last Updated 5 years ago

You can import up to 100 of your contacts from Outlook into your Web Portal.
  1. In Outlook, go to file and click import and export.
  2. Choose export to a file and click next.
  3. Choose comma separated values (windows) and click next.
  4. Select your contacts folder and click next.
  5. Designate where you would like to save it until you import into your webportal. Saving it to your desktop temporarily enables you to find it easily. If you would like to save it someplace else, click the browse button and choose what folder to save it in.
  6. Click next and finally click finish.
  7. You have now exported your contacts. The next step is to import your contacts into your web portal. Once your contacts are imported, the callers name will appear on your screen when calling.
  8. Login in to the Web Portal and go to the directory tab.
  9. Choose import at the bottom of the screen.
  10. Choose to append, append ignore duplicates or overwrite.
  11. Click the browse button to find the file you just exported from outlook.
  12. Click import. After import is completed, it will tell you which contacts have invalid entries and the total number added.
  13. Correct invalid and import again by append ignore duplicates or overwrite completely.
Please note that if you have added personal contacts to your directory via the web portal and are not in Outlook, they will be deleted if you choose overwrite.

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